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Olivia 8 is a concept that was birthed from our love of the ocean and the beach. With cultural roots that begin in the South Pacific and extend all the way to our home here in Australia, our love of the beach comes from our people’s close connection to the sand and sea.​We know that for many Australians, some of our most cherished memories were created at the beach. So with years of beach experience, we've created a towel to enhance your next beach experience. We believe we are achieving this through our sand free micro-fibre beach towels which are an expression of our love of beach culture.​Our style combines elements of cultural art and modern design with convenienceand simplicity. O8 beach towels are environmentally friendly, compact, and easy to wash.​We invite you to join O8 as we continue to search for new and innovative ways to improve your beach experience.
Malo (Thanks),
O8 Team


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